Dying Well Collective
Dying Well Collective
We create spaces for conversations on dying, death and grief to change perspectives and enhance death literacy.  
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Death Doula
It’s quiet. It’s that part of the night before dawn when everything is asleep. She is awake. She
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Death Vigilling
What we provide: In the active dying stage (typically the last 5-7 days) of life, we create a tea...
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Upcoming Death Cafes
We host regular, monthly Death Cafes on the third Tuesday of the month. We start promptly at 6:3
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Death Cafe at Your Organization
We've been fortunate to participate in and create many conversations this year on the topic of dying...
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Grief Circle Therapy
Grief has a voice.  It needs to be heard. To be validated. A grief circle is a space for this to
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Latest News

Join the Conversation: What is Dying Well?
January 5, 2017
Close your eyes and take a few deep breathes. As you come to a relaxed state I want you to picture you on your death bed. This life is coming to a close. How do you feel? What's aroun...
A Journey to Die Wise
October 28, 2016
When Stephen Jenkinson's book Die Wise was released in 2015 he came to speak at the Institute of Traditional Medicine (March 2015). I was introduced to his work, not a week or two before...
Death Cafes in 2017
October 28, 2016
Let's Talk!  Over the past few months, Susan and I have held several death cafes. It has been a wonderful process to meet so many amazing souls and have such deep and engaging convers

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