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We heard more than once during our training that it takes a special kind of person to do this work, this end of life care work. We have all been touched in a profound way by death. And Death has transformed us. We bear witness to the end of life and all of its power of pain, love, tenderness and compassion.

The Dying Well Collective creates spaces for conversations on dying, death and grief. Different spaces allow for different perspectives on the subject. And different perspectives allow for different conversations. When we are able to open the conversation, we can create change. We hope the change includes the enhancement of death literacy in our communities.

We tell and share stories.

We host death cafes

We engage in difficult conversations.

We find the balance between truth and honesty with compassion and kindness. Honesty can empower us and move us to action.

We help develop legacy projects. Things to leave behind so others may remember.

We sit vigil late into the night, in homes and hospital rooms, so that others may rest their weary eyes.