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Glenda Myles, Therapist, Death Doula & Facilitator

Glenda MylesGrief, it’s one wild f&^%ing ride.

That’s the opening to one of her stories. It tells the tale of her life when she lost both her parents. Watching them die transformed her, it released her in a way that she was not expecting.

Grief was both a friend and an enemy on that journey. It seemed to hold her hand at times and drag her kicking and screaming at others. As she stood at a gateway of sorts after writing, grieving, and processing, the vision and love that she held in her heart was clear.

This was her calling to help others walk their path towards Death and to support families and friends grieving after a loss (which doesn’t have to be a death).

Glenda is a doula of birth, death and rebirth. As a psychotherapist, she supports clients transitioning all life’s major transitions. She is a facilitator of Sacred Women’s Circles in many forms including grief. She is also a Reiki master, yoga and meditation teacher, and incorporates many modalities into her practice.

She has a deep appreciation for the body, mind and spirit, and the way we interact with each other and our environment. She is grounded and spiritual, kind-hearted, and in rhythm with the ebbs and flows of nature; of life and death.

She is the founder and one of the co-Directors of the Dying Well Collective.  She works in downtown Toronto and online. She is available to meet in her office, your home, or hospital setting as needed. You can connect with her directly below.

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