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Sun Drews, Death Doula, Funeral Director

Undertaker, over-thinker, Sun has been privileged to share in the story of so many lives. She believes strongly in the power of both community-driven and personal rituals, to help process and make meaning of death.

After 8 years and over 1000 arrangements as a Funeral Director, Sun found herself questioning the status quo and a system that seemed to be failing so many at the end of their lives. Believing that education, conversation and continuity of care are key to changing the experience many have around death, she stepped forward in her personal and professional evolution to train as a death doula, and pursue an interest in eco and home funerals.

Sun recognizes a need for social progress and change around the experience of death and dying which has led to her work as one of the co-Directors with the Dying Well Collective. Guided by values of learning, openness and authenticity, she works to support individuals and communities as they move away from the idea of death as a failure, to a place where it is understood and accepted as a perfectly natural event in all of our lives.

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