Susan Dawson

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Susan Dawson, Death Doula


When Susan thinks back to her first inkling of what she imagined she would want to be “when she grew up” it was to be an obstetrician. She wanted to help babies come into this world. As a teen, she dreamed of becoming a paramedic. She wanted to be there, calm and competent, to help people through what may be their most frightening, if not perhaps their final moments. She knew her purpose was to live her life in service. She saw herself present at both the beginnings and the endings of life in this realm, and she has been blessed with the gifts of being present with loved ones at both. Watching a baby take its first breath feels just as right and beautiful as holding a loved one’s hand as they exhale their last. This is her calling.

She is a death doula, a birth doula, a transpersonal therapist and a reiki practitioner. She is a mother, a lover of life, a passionate advocate and a strong, present listener. She communicate clearly and honestly and she empathize naturally. She chooses joy when she can and holds space for pain and grief with ease and reverence. She brings all of this to her practice, all of this with respect, kindness and openness.

Her role as Manager, Death Vigiling at Dying Well Collective follows a decade long journey of self exploration and healing that has led her here, the Right Place. It will be her honour to work with you, your families and loved ones as you travel your own paths through death and grief.

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