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What is a conversation? It’s simply an “informal exchange of ideas by spoken words”.

When we can create a space – real or virtual, temporary or continuous, informal or formal –  where we can all come together and share our ideas – our thoughts, words, work, art, fears, hopes and more – on this important subject that affects us all (at one time or another)… things happen.

People connect.
They see someone else that is like them.
They are no longer alone.

We learn from each other.
Our experience with this taboo subject becomes a gift for someone else.
And we are no longer alone.

We start to see through a new lens at the world, at our community, at our family, at our own life.
We start to consider other options.
We start to believe that maybe, maybe…

These conversations aren’t about convincing anyone of anything.
They are simply the space for possibility.
Feelings are allowed to be.

We focus on the creation of spaces to hold conversations on dying, death and grief because it is in these spaces that change occurs. From there so many things are possible. We create community in these spaces.

We know it can be scary walking into a place that’s called a Death Cafe or something like it.
Trust me, it is not all dark and dreary.
Here we find laughter and joy.
Here we find sadness and loneliness.
Here we find compassion and love.
Here we find experience and wisdom.
It is here that we start to shine the light on fears that torment us in this death-phobic society.