A Documentary: What is Dying Well?

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Close your eyes and take a few deep breathes. As you come to a relaxed state I want you to picture you on your death bed. This life is coming to a close.

How do you feel? What’s around you? Who’s with you? Are you at home, in a hospice or in a hospital? Take in all the details? Slowly start to backtrack and think about what the last week was like? the last month? the last year? What stands out for you?

This is our starting point. 

How we view our death in this moment, whether we are healthy or alive, impacts our relationship to not only our death but also to our life.

What is our relationship to death? What have we learned about death and dying from how we were raised and how death was introduced to us? How do we want it to be?

The Conversation

In 2017, one of our core goals at the Dying Well Collective is to engage, host, facilitate and provoke as many conversations around dying, death and grief, as possible.

One major project that has been an idea waiting to shape for several years, is coming to fruition. We are in pre-development now and hope to be in production in Fall 2017.

If you are healthy or sick, young or old, we have all been impacted by death, and we would love to talk to you! Email Glenda .