What the heck is a Death Doula?

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Without fail when I introduce myself, the first question I get asked is What the heck is a death doula? And I’m not alone. As we navigate these new waters, a large part of our work is educating the public on the role of a death doula and how we fit into the circle of care teams available to people.

What do we do? What services can we offer? Why should you hire one? Where do you find them?

More and more people are signing up for specialized end of life care training. And many are graduating and left wondering how to begin. There are the typical challenges of starting a new business, but there are other challenges when that business doesn’t yet have the market and awareness to support it.

And so we, Dying Well Collective, creates spaces for conversations on dying, death and grief. We do so to enhance death literacy in Canada as death-trade professionals. We also do so to educate the public on the role of death doulas in the end of life care process.

This upcoming webinar, on Thursday, July 20th at 8pm ET, will talk about the role of a death doula. Our history, our current state, and our potential future as part of the palliative care support teams. The webinar will be live. It is free. And there will be time for your questions. Registration is required. A link to the webinar will be sent to you within four hours of the start time.

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