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As end-of-life-care practitioners (death doulas), we offer those that have received life-threatening diagnosis and their families access to a variety of services and support.

Our aim is to support, educate, and advocate for quality of life and death. 

Death Doula Consulting Services

Glenda and Susan provide consulting services to families from the early stages of diagnosis throughout illness and to the final days.

We can help you coordinate access to services required, answering questions that you may have, support telling other family members, as well as legacy planning, and connecting to many resources in your community. We are therapists and so can be supportive on an emotional and spiritual level during this time to both the client and the family. Ongoing grief support is important for all close family and friends.

Death Doula – Death Vigil

As an organization, we also provide Death Vigiling during the active dying stage (last 5-7 days).

Grief Circles and Bereavement Support

Glenda will be leading grief circles through Mindful Healing Therapy clinic.