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It’s quiet. It’s that part of the night before dawn when everything is asleep. She is awake. She sits still near the bedside and waits. Intermittently she checks him, offering a cloth to his face, making sure he is comfortable. She reaches for his hand and holds it.

Hours later she hears stirring in the house. She is joined by his loving partner. She gives hugs her and gives her an update. The partner sits near the bedside and she moves to the chair. She answers her questions as time passes and morning breaks.

There is a gentle knock on the door and a smiling face peers into the room. It is her replacement. She gets up and leaves the room to brief the newcomer on the night’s events.

The time for this man is drawing to a close. Death will come for him in the next day or so. They are a team of death doulas here to support him and his loving partner until that time. They provide support, education, and around the clock team to ensure that he is not alone, holding vigil with the family so they are not alone as they journey through death together.

Doula means “servant” often a word associated with birth, but quickly it is becoming associated more often with death. Thana (Death) Doula provide support, both emotional, physical, and psychologically. We educate on what is happening, options, and available resources. We are there to listen, to support, to care. We do not offer advice or convince you of the right way. We honour that everyone knows what is best for themselves. It is about informed consent. Having an advocate on your side that is familiar with policy and the law. An unbiased and compassionate soul to walk alongside you and your family on this journey.

Transitions, both into and out of this world, are challenging. Over the past hundred years we have medicalized both aspects to the extent we don’t recognize either birth or death anymore. We certainly aren’t prepared for it and we have limited experience in supporting others as they go through it.

Our Death Doulas are all trained in End of Life Care. We have all sat with loved ones who have died. We know death and we honour life.

The Dying Well Collective is committed to serving those that are dying and their families. We know that this is a challenging time for the extended community.

We have access to a variety of practitioners including palliative massage, therapy animals, choirs, and more.

We offer death doula consulting services that support and educate. We appreciate families are spread out across the country (and world) and can’t always be available when needed. We can fill in the gaps.

We can also help coordinate access to services as needed, answer questions that people may have about the process, be a listening ear and bare witness to the grief and loss, provide support telling other family members, create legacy projects, and connect people to many resources in your community.

We want to ensure equitable access to all so please contact us and we will work with you and your family to meet your ongoing needs.